Tax In-House

The past 10 years has seen explosive growth in communication and data sharing technology.  For a field such as tax and accounting this has had profound effects.  The extensive labor that went into preparing documents such as tax returns, profit-loss reports, and balance sheets has been greatly reduced by computer programs that automate much of the process (particularly the layering of forms upon forms that tax documents require).  Consequently the role of a  tax preparer or bookkeeper has changed from one where the predominate focus was the actual entry on numbers into forms, to one where the predominate role is to ensure, with the highest confidence, that each clients is getting EVERY tax credit and deduction that they are eligible for and, consequently, ensure each client is paying the lowest tax burden that is legally possible.

We call Tax In-House a tax 2.0 company.   Tax In-House is a company that was formed to embrace the changed tax preparation and accounting landscape.  Rather then fight for the status quo, we continually look for new ways to apply technology to make our clients tax and accounting matters easier and less expensive to deal with.   Examples of this include:   (1) any appointment can be scheduled directly from our website with just a couple of clicks; (2) we often meet with clients via video conferencing products.  This allows both us and our clients to put a face to a name and helps develop the personal relationship that is so important to tax and accounting work.  It also allows us to share and discuss documents as if we were meeting face-to-face.  These meetings can even take place on a smartphone; (3) we offer an on-line file cabinet.  This allows clients to directly upload tax and accounting documents from their computer to our filing system.  This avoids the requirement that clients send us their documents.  Also, we post client’s documents (Profit-Loss, Balance Sheet, and/or tax return) to this system.  This means clients can access these documents at anytime without having to search through the mess that is everyone’s home filing system (this is particularly beneficial when dealing with banks); (4) For the 2011 tax season we are planning on having a mobile application that will allow clients to directly send tax documents from their smartphone to their online file cabinet.  This bypasses the need for clients to first scan documents into  their computer.

In summary, the use of technology allows Tax In-House to offer the custom service anyone expects to get from a specialty tax preparation firm yet with the cost and convenience of a chain preparation company.  Whether a business or an individual, Tax In-House clients are able to forget about their tax and account matters yet remain confident they are paying the lowest rates possible.