power rankings4-01
Team GCI Profit
#1078 $1,743,890 $610,684
#1429 $1,259,200 $503,680
#1053 $1,387,650 $502,996


Team GCI Profit Margin
#1098 $486,777 89%
#1142 $339,122 87%
#1214 $616,840 76%

About Us

Tax In-House is an education company that helps real estate agents understand their business financials.  There is a story being written in the numbers of your business.  Winning agents and teams are more and more often the agents and teams that understand this story and allow it to guide their business decisions.  Tax In-House helps agents and teams understand their business financials while providing complementary monthly MREA based P&Ls, payroll processing, and a corporate tax return.

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